Thursday, November 24, 2016

some stuff

on being idiosyncratic
next to my love of science (see all the boring stuff;)

I really enjoy

  • snowboarding (nearly 30 years), climbing (23 years), surfing (20 years plus), and skateboarding (1/2 year)

  • traveling

  • electronic music and related parties/festivals

and then (in random order)

I constantly have to wonder about the existence of my own mind, the conscious experience it gives me of an external reality, and what this all could possibly mean (yeah, book project). 

I also like to be highly critical of the socio-cultural environment I was born into and from there move on to being critical of other ones (rant and rant). I am highly skeptical of our financial systems (faults and greed).

I like to question myself and my ideas/beliefs.

I try to put myself into other people's shoes, as I believe I would be that same person, given the same biography and brain chemistry/hard-wiring.

I am an irrational optimist. although I see, in my opinion, so many things that are so terribly and depressingly wrong all over the world, I try to keep my faith (this here).

I get inspired by a spiritual outlook on life that seeks happiness and wisdom within oneself and allows for the existence of other realms of "reality" outside space and time (e.g., Buddhism and certain esoteric ideas). I totally and fundamentally reject institutionalized theologies. does the term "spiritual atheism" make any sense?

I had been vegetarian for 12 years before turning vegan (as best as I can) 4 yeas ago. why? environmental, ethical, and health considerations (once I get around to it, this will be a long and heavily referenced piece).

I aim at remaining grateful for experiencing this stream of consciousness, regardless of its contents.

I try to resist the urge to be cynical as fuck as much as I can (e.g., while interacting with crackpots in news groups or discussing climate change).

I am deeply thankful to all the loved ones in my life, especially my wife, who make this journey so much more fun <3

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