Sunday, July 6, 2008

activism, anarchy and fun

mood: party on

from the 4th to the 6th of july 2008, hundreds of activists from the zurich squatter and left alternative scene occupied the old football stadium hardturm, to celebrate a weekend of fun, partying and anarchy.

after an initial clash with the police on friday evening, the security forces said they would tolerate the event, as long as the stadium is cleared by sunday.

offering such a platform in zurich, being known for it's active party culture, attracted a few thousand party goers by saturday, as the message of the event spread like wildfire...

this has been the third major event of the organizers in the last years, where for a couple of days all effective rules and regulations were suspended, and an alternative subculture asserted itself for a couple of days.

the event was lively reported on by all the swiss mainstream media.

view photos in the brotäktschen set on my flicker account.

visit the "official" website of the organizers:

More info: indymedia, nzz, tagesanzeiger.