Sunday, January 30, 2011

k&d: from the 90s back to the 10s

over a decade of electronica...
the austrian duo kruder and dorfmeister are back! after having helped shape the 90s electronica landscape with their trip-hop, dub, d'n'b and downtempo inspirations and remixes, it became quiet around the two sound freaks. ah yes, all those memories listening to the infamous k&d sessions album back then;-)

since 2010 peter kruder and richard dorfmeister, together with the two mcs earl zinger and ras tweed, are touring in celebration of the 16 year anniversary of their g-stone recordings label with a 2 hour live set sporting stunning visuals (by fritz fitzke) next to an array of hard-core beatz.

on the 29th of january 2011 they performed in dorfmeister's home town of choice, zurich. as soon as the show started, the concert hall was instantaneously transformed into a club.

k&d at volkshaus in zurich, kraftwerk-style.

a little impression from inside the venue (albeit with the terrible audio provided by an iphone):